Your Contract has been accepted!

Congratulations we have secured your new home under contract!

    Congratulations! We've successfully secured your next home under contract! The seller has agreed to our terms of sale, and the home is now exclusively reserved for you. What's the next step? We need to submit your Earnest and option money to the title company to validate the contract. Prior to signing the contract, we discussed the required amounts for Earnest and option money. To ensure compliance, these funds must be provided via a check from your account or a money order. This enables the title company to trace the funds and credit them to you at the closing table. Once you've obtained these funds, please reach out to me via call or text. You can either visit the title company to drop off the payment, or I can arrange to pick it up and deliver it myself. The law requires us to deliver Option/Earnest money to the Title company within 3 days. Time is of the essence. 

     Next, if an option period was stipulated in your contract, you'll have the specified number of days to conduct home inspections. This step ensures you're fully aware of the home's condition. After assessing the mechanical systems and overall condition of the home, we'll have the opportunity to renegotiate the terms of the sale if necessary. This could involve requesting repairs, adjusting the sales price, and so on. If you're satisfied with the condition of the home, we can proceed to the next stage of purchasing it! It's important to note that the option period is the designated time frame for renegotiating terms or withdrawing from the purchase while still retaining your earnest money. Therefore, prompt action is crucial during this brief window. 

     Additionally, we may request additional documents for your mortgage company or require your signature on loan-related paperwork. Please keep an eye out for calls, texts, and emails so we can gather all necessary documents promptly. This proactive approach ensures a seamless home buying process moving forward.

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